Sapwood 2.0 is here!

Let's address the long, slippery snake in the room: You've never heard of Sapwood. Sapwood 2.0 isn't excited because what the hell was Sapwood 1.0?

Yes, that's fair. How about a quick background story.

Sapwood's lead developer, Sean C Davis, started building Sapwood 1 (we now call it Sapwood Classic) in 2014. He did it to reduce duplication on new, basic websites. It went well for awhile, but it became overly complicated quickly and it wasn't easy to learn.

But the thing that bothered Sean the most was that, yes, Sapwood was flexible, but only if you used it in a rigid way. And the workflow, while also flexible, was clunky and slow.

So he tore it all down and started building Sapwood 2 on the side of his day job. Fast-forward about a year and here we are!

Sapwood 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the original system. It works to simplify the management and development facets while enhancing the content editing workflow. But the biggest change is that, unlike traditional CMS products, there is no "front end." Instead, Sapwood 2.0 comes with an API to access content so you (or your developer) can access and use your content however you'd like.

Yet Another CMS?

We know, we know, there are a million CMS solutions out there and not one of them is going to be the next WordPress or SquareSpace or whatever.

TBH, we didn't build Sapwood to be the next WordPress. We didn't do it to make money. We didn't do it because we're the only ones who figured out how to build a CMS.

We built Sapwood to solve our problems. We share it with you because we're super nice people and we love you.

More seriously, we maintain that there will always be an open-source version of Sapwood available, for free, under an open license. We believe in open source ideals, and that sharing our work will ultimately lead to a better product for us all.

And we chose to spend our time on a product we're going to use all the time, because then we are constantly motivated to make it better. We're our users, too. So, while development sprints may come and go, the motivation to start the next one will remain while we continue to use the product.

(If you want more about our philosophy, we wrote a guide with a bit more detail.)

W(ho)TF is Woody?

Woody is Sapwood 2's mascot. He is a snake, created by our lead designer, Matt Willett.

What role will he play? We're not totally sure yet. As development and marketing continues throughout 2.0, we expect he'll pop up in more places and serve more functions.

But ultimately, Woody is here to help you, to make your experience better. So, as you're using Sapwood, if you think Woody is slacking and you've come up with a job he should be doing, we want to hear about it.

Join The Adventure

As we release Sapwood 2, we have several products already using it, including a couple iOS and Android applications, and even this website!

But, let's be frank, it's not going to have all the bells and whistles that some other paid products have. It's still really new and really young. We really want you to give it a shot. We want your feedback. We know only through feedback that Sapwood will get better.

Thank you for your interest in Sapwood. We really hope you enjoy it.

Let the adventure begin!