We decided to make Sapwood an open-source product because we believe it will benefit from involvement with the open source community.

But, just like you, we're busy people and we're not going to be able to support this product 24/7. We want your conversations, your ideas, your suggestions, your discovered bugs. You can share all of those either on GitHub, our Support page, or our Contact page.

But we won't be able to get to every request in a meaningful time period. Therefore, we are offering consultation services to ensure that you can use Sapwood with the proper support.

We're starting off by being very informal and open-ended until we learn where it is our community desires the most help. So far, the more popular requests are:

  • Installing Sapwood on a server.
  • Helping build a property's configuration.
  • Troubleshooting API responses.

If you could use help with any of these services, please let us know and we'll get going right away.