Flexible. 100%.

Content managing products serve a vast array of purposes, but many started with a specific goal. We did too: to not be specific.

Your food blog is different than your web portfolio site, and the podcast you started in your mom's creepy basement requires a different configuration than the back-end of the next Tinder.

We want Sapwood to cater to all your weird ideas without getting in the way of itself.

And, after hours upon hours of banging our heads against various wall surfaces, we think we've come up with the right formula, although we lost a few brain cells in the process.

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Non-Judgy AF.

With the traditional CMS, you add the content, the CMS helps you build the site. That's great, except ... what if you don't need a site? Or, what if your content is shared among multiple sites? Sapwood doesn't care. You create content, then connect to Sapwood's powerful and flexible API to use it however you'd like. No judging here.

A Major Dev Crush.

Sapwood has a major crush on developers, and it can't hide it. Because there is no "front end" you (or your developer) can apply your content to any product using your (or her) favorite programming language.

Who's Our Daddy?

Sapwood's young. It'll grow. It'll become more flexible, more feature-full, more mature. Join us on Floor 2.0 so you can be a major influencer on the future direction of Sapwood. Ditch the CMS and make Sapwood your content hub. #NotMyCMS

It's On The House.

It's free! You have to host it, but we won't charge you anything to use it. Plus, it's an open source project which means if you don't like something, you can change it!

Know Your Role.

Sapwood's security features are simple and straightforward. It has just a few basic user roles. Create your users, give them a role, and let the content creation begin!

Hurry Up!

OK, so because you have so much control over how Sapwood works, it does take a minute to learn. The amazing thing is, by the time you learn the ins and outs of Sapwood, you'll be able to build and entire content management systems in 15 seconds. Ish.

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