We know, we know, we know. Sapwood is yet another content management system. You're tired of hearing about someone attempting to redefine how a content management system should work.

We believe there's a reason why we all continue to see new content management products emerge. It's because being able to manage your content easily and efficiently is super important. Yet at the same time, what will make content easy to work with will differ widely depending on how that content will be used.

Therefore, we set out to build a product that would be flexible enough to accommodate various uses of content management systems. Let us explain ...

Sapwood is not website-focused. Unlike products like WordPress and SquareSpace, there is no "front end" of Sapwood. There's a place to edit your content and an API by which you can access that content. We don't want to make any assumptions about what you want to do with your content.

That's why you won't see terms like "site" or "page" or "post" when we talk about Sapwood's components. Because maybe they aren't pages. And maybe it's not going to be used for a website. Instead, we say an account within Sapwood is a property. And a property is made up of elements, each that use a template, which is defined by that property's configuration, over which you have total control.

This approach provides you the flexibility not just to do anything you want, but to only author content once and then use it where you need to use it.

For example, consider a directory of employees. Many companies will have this information in multiple places -- a shared database, an intranet, etc. But what about the other information about that employee? Say, for example, a bio to include in a press release. Marketing probably has that, right?

With Sapwood, all that data could be housed in one place -- the employee's info, their bio, work history, current projects, etc. One place. And then the API can be used to repurpose this information in whatever way it is required.

We love Sapwood and now you know why! We hope you love it, too!