Welcome to Sapwood's documentation!

First off, you're awesome! Thank you for using Sapwood. It's a fairly new product, and building a community of users is what we need to make it great.

We consider the documentation for Sapwood to be spread out among four main ideas:

Installation: Sapwood is a self-hosted application which means you need to install it on your own server (or have us install it for you). Because that's a one-time thing, we've wrapped that up in its own guide.

Configuration: Sapwood is made up of properties. A property obtains its structure and function largely from its configuration, which is really just a JSON file. Everything you need to know about the configuration is available starting here.

Content Editing: Once a property is configured, it's time to start adding content. The nuances of how to add content and what it will used for will be, in large part, determined by how your property is configured. But there are also generic questions and tips on using the Sapwood app as a content editor. As we receive questions we think others will benefit from, we add the responses to the Support page. That page also has instructions on how to submit questions or request articles.

Using Content: It's awesome that you can add and edit your content with Sapwood, but you probably want to use it somewhere, too, like in a website or mobile application (of course, you certainly don't have to). This all happens via Sapwood's API, which is also documented on this site.

We really hope you enjoy using Sapwood. But we need your help to continue improving Sapwood.

If you have a question, feedback, or find incorrect or missing documentation, we want to speak up. Please get in touch via the Support page, or create an issue on GitHub.

Now, go create some content!