Welcome to the documentation on Sapwood's Property Configuration!

We recommend you skim our philosophy before getting into the configuration docs. That guide shares a bit about the language we use and why we use that language.

But if you want to skip the skim, no problem! The main thing to know is that we use the term "property" in place of the traditional "site" and we use "element" in place of the traditional "page" or "post."

But, most important is to know that a property works only as it is configured to work. And that's what you're here to learn, right? Good!

A property's configuration determines the templates available for that property. As you'll see, the settings for a template will have everything to do with how its elements function and what data is available on them.

We want this process to be as simple as possible. So if you have questions, ideas, or comments at any time throughout your reading, you're welcome to open an issue on GitHub or visit our contact or support pages to get in touch.