When you create a new property, you are given the option to add your data configuration. You may start there, or, at any time, the data configuration is available via the gear icon within a property (or at /properties/[property_id]/settings/config).

We prefer to edit as we're building the site. That area has a bigger space and a built-in code editor so you don't have to do so much copying and pasting, but can edit the configuration directly in the app.

As you work your way through these docs, we want you to remember one idea above all else: If you screw something up in the configuration, don't panic! You didn't delete any elements, you just mis-configured your property. If you locate your issue, you can fix it and you'll be back to normal!

(BTW, we have plans for a couple features that will make this process waaaay easier and much less susceptible to errors. Stay tuned!)

Using the menu you can jump through the various options for configuration. It works like this:

Your configuration is JSON code. Each template is a JSON object. That means you are building an array of objects. In other words, the basic format is:

    // Template #1
    // Template #2

It's important that you wrap the entire configuration in square brackets -- [] -- to make it an array, and that each template is wrapped in curly brackets -- {} -- to make it an object.

From there, the options that you'll find in the menu on the left are top level options, meaning they are directly inside the curly brackets. If options go deeper than one level, they will be specified on the topmost option's doc page.

We know, it's a little weird at first. But once you get into it, you'll be creating properties with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back.

After you read through the options, the best place to go is to look through our examples. Our examples bring the options to life and explain what they are accomplishing. You may also request new examples or ask questions at any time on GitHub, our Support page, or our Contact page.

Happy configuring!