Sapwood is built to be flexible. And as any software product becomes more flexible, its complexity under-the-hood grows.

In other words, to be able to offer so much flexibility and efficiency, Sapwood gives up a bit in terms of speed. And to combat that, we have put in place various caching methods that work to deliver data to you quickly.

This caching system works in a queue as part of a series of background processes. Whenever you create or edit an element, Sapwood knows it needs to bust that element's (and its associated element's) caches and then rebuild them, and Sapwood pushes that task into the background.

On a Sapwood server with a lot of data and/or traffic, it may take some time for caches to be rebuilt.

We write this short guide simply to inform you that while some data will be updated instantaneously, much will be at least slightly delayed.