POST /api/v1/properties/[property_id]/generate_url.json

This is a very specific use case for private documents. Private documents are not web accessible through S3 by default. To access a private document, you need to generate a temporary URL.

The response is just a string representing the URL returned by AWS.

(You're also welcome to write your own service using the AWS API. This endpoint exists as a convenient way to make private documents temporarily available.)


https:// ...

Required Parameters:

Note that this is a POST request, which means your parameters should be sent as JSON and not as query parameters.


The document's property's API key.


The id of the document (element) for which you wish to generate the URL. It must be a private, document type element.


The secret specified on the document's template's configuration. If the secret is missing from the template, the request, or doesn't match the appropriate secret, then the request will be denied.

Optional Parameters:

expires_in (Default: 60)

The number of seconds for which the URL should be active.