If you are using another library to access the API, you should refer to the documentation for that library.


Assuming you have successfully installed and configured a Sapwood server, and have a property with some configuration, then you can get to the API via the base URL:


Note that this particular URL will not return anything. You will need the property_id and an api_key to be able to use the API. The property_id can be found via the URL within your Sapwood instance (the number after "properties"). See below for the key.


Access to the API is determined by matching a property's ID with its API key. If you are a property administrator, you can find your property's API key using the gear icon next to the property name when you are inside a property, or using this URL template:


You will need to append the api_key parameter to the end of the URL in an GET request, or within the parameters for a POST request.

Here's a GET example:


That's it! As long as you are authenticated, you can access the API. But refer to each endpoint in the documentation to learn of any security nuances with that endpoint.