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Sapwood doesn't judge. It's not that it's aloof. It cares about you very much. It wants to be the content mechanism behind your next great idea. But it lets you design your own content structure, and it wants you to use the tools you already love to surface your content in any way you can dream it.

Non-Judgy AF.

With the traditional CMS, you add the content, the CMS helps you build the site. That's great, except ... what if you don't need a site? Or, what if your content is shared among multiple sites? Sapwood doesn't care. You create content, then connect to Sapwood's powerful and flexible API to use it however you'd like. No judging here.

A Major Dev Crush.

Sapwood has a major crush on developers, and it can't hide it. Because there is no "front end" you (or your developer) can apply your content to any product using your (or her) favorite programming language.

It's On The House.

It's free! You have to host it, but we won't charge you anything to use it. Plus, it's an open source project which means if you don't like something, you can change it!

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